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We are in the midst of a housing crisis, largely due to local city councils that have been beholden to NIMBYs and have lacked the political courage to lead us in doing what is right. They have contributed to the greatest generational inequity in history. We need to remove red tape, expedite approvals, increase density around transit nodes and major arterials, and allow for "missing middle" development.

I believe we are experiencing a crime spree with burglaries, car thefts, and gun violence on the rise. While we talk about transit, we are doing little to address the issue. Congestion is worsening, and we are distracting ourselves with populist ideas that lack economic sense, all while inefficiencies persist and taxes rise. Where is the vision for a great future?

I have lived, worked, and volunteered in Mississauga for 24 years. I served as co-chair of the Mississauga Summit for seven years at the request of Mayor McCallion, and I was President of the Mississauga Arts Council for two years, with seven years on the Board. I have coached hockey and soccer, campaigned across the city in various elections, written speeches and policy papers, and I am currently Chair of Transit Alliance, a GTA-wide civic advocacy group. Additionally, I host a nightly radio show on Sauga 960 AM, where I have conducted over 1,500 long-form interviews on every imaginable topic. Furthermore, I hold a Harvard MBA and am pursuing a DBA focusing on urban and economic development.

Currently, I serve as the COO for a real estate development company with assets across Canada and in three US states. I have also held the position of CFO for several innovative high-tech, biotech, sports, and entertainment companies. My projects include downtown revitalization initiatives in Ottawa and Montreal, as well as major land developments in Florida and California.

Let's seize this opportunity to shape the future of Mississauga together. With your support, we can pave the way for a city that thrives, not just for ourselves, but for generations to come. Thank you for considering how you can contribute to our campaign and for believing in the power of positive change.

Brian Crombie

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• Host of Brian Crombie Radio Hour on Sauga 960 am COO for Real Estate Development Company
• CFO for innovative entertainment, tech and biotech companies Chair of Transit Alliance: enhancing regional transit...


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